Brosnaich Beauty

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Vendor Spotlight: ⁣
Have you met Alycia with Brosnaich Beauty?⁣

Fun fact: She is a first generation American!⁣

Alycia’s goal is to help every woman feel beautiful in her own skin, especially on their wedding day! ⁣
Her mom was the force behind her operation. She knew how much Alycia loved doing makeup and inspired her to go to Paul Mitchell. Once she got her license she was determined to learn more so, she attended Joe Blasco in Orlando before they closed down. She worked in a salon for a little and realized that weddings truly were her passion! It’s such an honor to be a part of someone’s wedding day. ⁣
The name Brosnaich means to encourage & it is Gaelic bringing in her irish heritage.⁣

Now that you know more about Alycia go give her page some love! ⁣

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